The home is our refuge, the place where we spend most of our time, our primary environment, our basic living cell. It is a space for safe withdrawal, socialising, work and rest. It is all in one. Therefore, it needs to be nurtured, adorned, illuminated and loved. Create a pleasant environment, in which we feel good and which serves our everyday needs – a home that will reflect us.

With the home products line, we want to recreate all of the above. Simple, aesthetic lines form a uniform space, define it and give it a distinctive seal. We want to bring light, colour and elegance with a touch of warmth and homeliness into your home.

We are very conscious about nature and the environment in which we live in. Nevertheless, nature is our main inspiration source. We want to co-exist with it, nurture it and re-create it. We are using only natural materials, paint with colors that we can find in nature and are always looking for ways to love it, help it and protect it.

What we do?

We combine the precision and quality of high-tech machinery with the uniqueness and beauty of handwork. We combine seemingly conflicting work processes in a unique household product.

The products have a distinctive style. They are made of local materials and bring a decorative value into the room while performing their basic function.

The products go well with different interior designs from modern and minimalist to more classic styles, and with all the rooms in your home and at work.

Different products can be combined together and can complement each other in such a way that they link the rooms into a single whole – create an atmosphere.

Who are we?

We are a high technology company that has been following the latest trends in technology for a long time. After more than 20 years of successful operation in the field of laser technologies, we decided to take a new step and create our own design for a line of products, in which we combine our technical knowledge and experience with new design approaches and thus create superior household products.

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